Best Kids Moutain Bikes Hardtail and Front Suspension

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Finding the Best Mountain Bike for Kids:

Finding the best kids mountain bike for your child is an important decision. You want a choose a kids bike that’s and lightweight, safe, as well as a bike that will help give your kids confidence on the mountain bike trail so they love the sport. Finding all of these things in one bike can be a challenge, so we’re here to show you the best front-suspension kids mountain bikes.

A hardtail or front suspension kids mountain bike is a great choice because it allows them to learn to control the bike easier. This makes it a great option for new mountain bike riders as well as experienced ones. 

What is a hardtail mountain bike?

A hardtail mountain bike is a bike that has suspension in the front but not in the back. They offer a much more comfortable ride making it an ideal solution for a mountain bike for kids because it will ensure that they are comfortable on rougher trails. On the other hand, kids road bikes offer no suspension and usually preform best on sidewalks or quiet roads.

A front suspension kids mountain bike can also allow them to fully control their bike no matter the terrain. There will also be better traction when cornering and braking, witch can help them develop better skills and habits on the bike while staying safe.

The front suspension will allow their tires to always be on the ground even if there are bumps or rocks, and to help absorb the shock for a smoother ride. This will ensure that they do not flip or fall off of the bike. The added stability will make it much easier for your child to ride and keep them more active and safe. Just make sure they have a safe helmet before going for any rides.

kids riding a mountain bike

Best kids’ hardtail mountain bike 

In this post, we review the best mountain bikes for your children and the features that are needed to ensure that your child is safe while riding. 

Woom Off Air 5

The weight of this mountain bike for kids is 22.3 pounds without pedals and has a wheel size of 24”. An ideal rider height is 50” to 57”. It is listed at $999.00. 

This bike is ideal for challenging rides that take place on tough terrain. The disk brakes are hydraulic which makes downhill rides much easier for your child to navigate. It features a lightweight aluminum frame with a low-top tube and a low center of gravity.

The saddle is specially designed with children’s anatomy in mind to ensure they feel comfortable. The wheels have double-chamber aluminum rims and completely sealed industrial bearings. Read a full review of the Woom Off Air here.

Pello Reyes with front suspension added

This mountain bike for kids is priced at $619 and has 24” wheels. It is 22 lbs. The basic design of this bike comes with Tektro disc brakes and an all-aluminum 601 frame. It is designed for all types of riding, front suspension can be added by the company if asked. 

Adding the front suspension does not compromise any of the amazing features that the bike already has. It can also be removed at a later date if you decide your child does not need it. 

Alex Tubeless-ready rims are a part of all these bikes. All bikes come with a bell, spare tube, quick release seat collar, and Presta valve adaptor. 

These kids mountain bikes are extremely durable making them a great choice if your child does a lot of mountain biking or if they ride their bike every day. It has a very sleek and smooth design that makes it perfect for the trails or the neighborhood. 

Spawn Yama Jama 24

This front suspension kids mountain bike is heavy duty and is valued at $1425. Its wheels are 24” and are 24.5 lbs. The alloy frame is 6061-T6, and it has double-butted tubing. This model has had some pretty large performance upgrades compared to other models. 

The drive train is Brood Bike Co Styx 145mm using SRAM type direct mount interface with the chain wheel. They have also added a Brood 32t narrow-wide alloy chain wheel. This can bump the bike speed from 10 to 11. It has hydraulic discs which making braking and stopping easy no matter how tough the terrain is. 

Cannondale Trail 24

One of the best mountain kids’ bikes is the Cannondale Kids 24. The Cannondale is built for ultimate agility and comfort. It is best for low-impact trails or gravel roads. 

The wheels are 24” and are 20 lbs. The price is $419.99. The frame is smooth welding by SmartForm C3 Alloy. Some of the best features are the lightweight alloy rims and the Wellgo Composite Platform pedals with receptors. 

The brakes have a cable-actuated mechanical disc. 

Norco Fluid 4.3+

This kids’ hardtail mountain bike is valued at $849 and has 24” tires. It is a perfect hardtail aluminum trail bike for small children. 

The tires are built to roll over virtually anything without your child feeling the effects, so even the bumpiest trails are perfect for this bike. It has a KMC 27 chain and VP Alloy Flat Jr. BMX pedals. Both the front and back brakes as well as the brake levers are hydraulic disk Tektro HD-M286. The brake levers are short reach. 

The design of this bike allows for maximum traction that makes climbs and descents much easier for your child. Rolling downhill is also easy with a speed that is not too fast or too slow. 

Trek Precaliber 24 (budget hardtail)

The kids front suspension bike by Precaliber is a great choice for kids that ride mostly on the pavement, but also enjoy the occasional dirt or trail ride. It has 24” wheels and is perfect for kids with a height of 51-59”. It is 26.31 lbs.

The price of this bike is $389.99, making it quite a bit cheaper than other hardtail kids bikes. It could be a nice option if your kid is just now starting to ride or if they want to start riding on trails. 

It is comfortable and durable despite the cheaper price. You get all the safety and comfort features but at a lower cost. The front suspension is 45mm and it has a Shimano 8-speed drive train. The grips are made for kids hands and the saddle is extra padded, this makes the bike great for long rides. 

Kids will be able to enjoy off-roading with a smooth ride. The bike also a rear rack mounts and an integrated handle mount. The chain is KMC Z8.3 and the pedals are Kid’s Satellite, 9/16 thread. 

Trailcraft Timber 26

The kids’ hardtail mountain bike by Trailcraft is back with a new model. The basic price is $1,899 but can go up to $2,899 if you install additional features. The weight is 21.75 lbs and it is ideal for riders who are between 4’6” to 5’. 

All the frames are built in small batches which makes their design unmatched. They all have double-butted 7005 series aluminum tubing, forged dropouts, and a stealth dropper internal routing. 

The wheel size is 26” making them slightly bigger than other front suspension kids mountain bikes. The front wheels can be easily lifted off roots, rocks, and other trail obstacles. 

Trailcraft’s kids’ front suspension bike is ideal for young riders who are keen on adventure and are committed to trail riding. The heavy-duty features make it unmatched for rough trail riding. This bike can introduce your child to a brand new way of trail riding that is fun and not as challenging. We also reviewed the Trailcraft Blue Ski 20″ Bike.

Woom off air 6

This kids front suspension bike by Woom also has 26” wheels. It is perfect for children between the heights of 55” to 65”. It is sold at $1049. The weight is 24.3 lbs without the pedals. 

This bike is perfect for kids who have already started mountain biking and want to get more into it. The lightweight frame material is high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum with butted and hydroformed tubes. 

The gears are 9 speeds and have an SRAM trigger shifter and SRAM X5 derailleur. It also has a hydraulic air suspension fork with 90mm travel. The handlebars are pretty wide with a width of 680mm. 

The grips are awesome for kids because they have a small diameter and are 100% silicon. This makes them much easier to grip. 

The brakes are hydraulic disc brakes from PromaxDisc with a diameter of 160/140mm. The brake levers are specifically designed for children’s hands. 

Frog MTB 69

The Frog 69 won the reddot design award in 2018. It is sold at $975. It is also available in green and red. Frog 69 has 26” wheels and is the best fit for children ages 10-12 with a minimum inside leg measure of 27”. 

This bike is best for hills and off-road cycling. It features Shimano rapid-fire 9-speed shift lever and hydraulic brakes. The seat post is very easy to adjust with its quick-release features. The weight is 25.1 pounds. 

The light design also makes it ideal for riding around the neighborhood on days when your child may not feel like trail riding. The frame design is also very lightweight with a 6061 T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy. 

Choosing the best hardtail mountain bike for kids

The choices for front-suspension kids mountain bikes are endless. Each bike comes with its own special features and specs. The most important things to remember are that the bike should have child safety features and be the right height for your kid. This will ensure that their rides are fun and comfortable. 

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