Park City: A Great Winter Vacation for Families

I want my kids to FAIL!

When did fail become a forbidden 4-letter word?  Somehow, our society has it in their heads that failing is a bad thing.  Not me – I want my kids to FAIL!  It’s an important part of life.  In fact, I’m a big believer that if I want my kids to succeed, first they must learn … Read more

Living Abroad – Week 1

Wow, it’s amazing that we’re officially expatriates now.  The jet lag has passed, the kids are getting back to normal and we’re starting to figure out how to get around here in Saudi Arabia.  For the next few weeks, we’ll be writing a bit of a journal sharing our experiences of adjusting to a new … Read more

Top Outdoor Toys for Elementary Age Kids

  Elementary school age kids are at the perfect age to really start exploring on their own.  Check out these gift ideas that will not only fill their days with adventure, but are so fun you’ll be begging to play with them! Don’t forget to also read: Best Outside Gifts to Get Your Kids Outside … Read more