11 Best Kids Bike Gloves

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Best Kids Bike Gloves

Best Kids bike gloves are not only stylish but also a handy way to help your kids ride more comfortably and safely. So, If you’re wondering why people wear bike gloves or whether bike gloves could help your child, then you’ve come to the right place! 

We will help you with everything you need to know about children’s bike gloves, and we will even give you the best biking gloves for kids and toddlers!

What do Kids Biking Gloves do? 

For kids, biking gloves are useful for a couple of different reasons.

First, kids bike gloves help to reduce friction between their hands and handlebars.

By reducing friction, you’re helping to prevent blisters, rashes, chafing, and rubs. However, this is especially useful for little kids since their grip might be looser or less steady than older kids. A looser grip can be prone to blisters.

In the same way that bikes reduce the friction of handlebars to hands, they also help increase grip.

Especially for young kids, while their strength is still developing, having that extra layer of grippy fabric can make a big difference in their ability to control the bike and this can help them feel even more confident and improve faster!

Furthermore, Gloves also help reduce the sensation of handlebars vibrating,

on gravel or bumpy sidewalks. The soft gloves absorb some of the vibrations and help keep bike rides comfortable.

Kids bike gloves also come in handy during a fall on pavement or gravel it can lead to scrapes or cuts.

A pair of gloves can greatly reduce the chances of injury to their hands when falling off their bikes. However, what will really matter in a crash is a safe kids bike helmet.

Bike gloves can even provide extra sun protection!

The backs of kids’ hands can easily get burnt by the sun after being outside all day on their bikes therefore, Wearing gloves can help provide extra protection to such a vulnerable part of their body in the sun. 

best kids bike gloves

Do Kids Need to Wear Bike Gloves? 

Gloves don’t necessarily need to be worn for the above reasons on every outing. However, the most important time to wear gloves is on longer bike rides when hands will be taking the rubs and bumps of handlebars, or when a bike fall might be more likely.

Gloves can be preferred by some children although, The extra grip, cool style, and protection can all help kids feel better while riding their bikes. There’s no harm in wearing biking gloves, so if your child prefers the experience there’s no reason to not let them wear them. 

It is a good idea to encourage your kids into wearing gloves for longer rides though, even if it isn’t their favorite. But however, every child will have unique preferences. Biking gloves are never necessary, so determining whether it’s a good choice for your child should be made on a case-by-case basis.

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What are Bike Gloves Made Of and How Comfortable is it?

If your child is opposed to gloves and you haven’t given fingerless gloves a try yet, then you might want to offer that before abandoning the idea. Fingerless gloves will provide nearly all the same benefits as full finger gloves, except there won’t be as much restrictive fabric. 

In general, cycling gloves for kids are designed using soft leather or fake leather material. They are snug and usually have a Velcro strap around the wrist to fast the gloves comfortable. Biking gloves also usually have slightly more material and padding around the palms since this is where most friction is as a result they reduce bike vibrations.

What Bike Gloves Size Should My Kids Wear? 

Wondering how to make sure your kids bicycle gloves fit like a… well, like a glove? Here are a few tips to get that perfect glove fit!

How to Get the Perfect Kids Bike Gloves Fit:

You can use two measurements.

Step 1: Find the width of their hand by measuring around the knuckles, excluding the thumb.

Step 2: Measure from the base of their palm to the tip of their middle finger to find the length of their hand.

In conclusion, These two measurements, measured in inches, will help you when you’re exploring different gloves.

For most glove companies, their sizing ranges from xx-small to xx-large. therefore, It’s probably a smart choice to go with the size up when your child’s hand falls right between two sizes. They will most likely grow into the next size before you know it!

best kids bike gloves

What is the Difference between Fingerless and Full-finger Kid’s Biking Gloves?

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless bike gloves for kids are the same as regular gloves with the exception of missing about two-thirds of the fabric covering the fingers. Although, these gloves are best suited for hot summer days when a full glove would be too hot and sweaty! They’re also a good choice for kids who don’t love the feeling of full gloves.

Furthermore, these gloves allow kids to use their fingertips naturally, as they would without having gloves. For some, this is much easier than trying to open a water bottle or tie their shoe with full gloves. 

Full Finger Gloves

Full finger cycling gloves for kids are made to cover the entire hand, fingers and all! They have all the same padding and materials as other gloves. There are well suited for more rugged biking excursions such as mountain biking. These are warmer than fingerless gloves. They might not be as comfortable on super-hot summer days

However, It is a great choice on colder days in early spring or late fall, though. Above all, It is also a good choice for kids that are especially prone to getting blisters. Furthermore, they provide the most hand protection under any circumstance. 

Best Bike Gloves for Toddlers

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves

ZippyRooz toddlers and little kids bike gloves

Price: $13.95

Style: Fingerless gloves, comes in eight fun colors and character designs

Sizes: For ages one to eight years old

Special Features: These gloves are ideal for multiple sports, whether that’s biking, scootering, skateboarding, rollerblading… your kid’s hands will be comfortable no matter what! Consequently, these gloves have a soft tomb fabric that’s ideal for wiping running noses, and is also comfy from top to bottom!

Children’s Bike Gloves by AC Ride

Price: $22.99

Style: Full finger gloves that come in a cool sporty blue color

Sizes: Small (ages 1-2), medium (ages 2-3), and large (ages 4-6)

Special Features: A breathable knit covers the back of the hand and a grippy suede is used on the palms. These gloves are a great choice fir hitting the trails! They are durable and the extra grip and protection will be a huge benefit!

Best Biking Gloves for Kids Ages 5-12

Fingerless Bike Gloves for Kids


Price: $18.00

Style: Fingerless gloves that come in a jazzy aquamarine color.

Sizes: Small size made for kids 3-4 years old. 

Special Features: These gloves come in a high-tech fabric that is ideal for wicking moisture on hot days. Therefore, these are ideal for summer bike rides where sweaty palms just won’t do. Your kids will appreciate the extra grip and not have to worry about the nuisance of too much fabric under the sun. 

ADT Children’s Gel Padded Gloves

ADT children's gel padded gloves

Price: $19.95

Style: Fingerless gloves that come in four colors — two bright and two dark.

Sizes: Small (0-2 years old), medium (2-4 years old), large (6-8 years old), x-large (10-12 years old)

Special Features: These gloves have several gel paddings in the palms of the hands, which adds grip and greatly reduces the vibration sensation of biking. There is an absorbent patch in the thumb to help wick away sweat and moisture on the backs of the gloves. Moreover, there are reflective bands to help add visibility in low-light conditions. 

Kids Calory by Louis Garneau

Price: $21.49

Style: Fingerless gloves that come in a few bright and sport colors.

Sizes: Kids small (6 – 7 years old), kids medium (8 – 9 years old), kids large (10 – 11 years old), kids x-large (12 – 13 years old)

Special Features: Breathable and thin fabric can feel like a second skin. These gloves are synthetically made using a perforated fabric and have foam padding in the palms. The grip is leather-like and will perform well under various conditions. There’s a softer fabric on the back of the thumb to use for wicking away sweat on hot rides. Furthermore, they are also easy-on and easy-off thanks to the silicone hem around the wrist; no need to tighten with Velcro, yet no need to worry about them coming loose. 

Junior Cycling Gloves by FINGER TEN Store

Price: $12.69

Style: Fingerless gloves come in six unique colors and patterns. 

Sizes: Small (2-4 years old), medium (5-6 years old)), large (7-8 years old)), x-large (9-10 years old))

Special Features: The silicone tabs are grips and make any handlebar a perfect ergonomic fit. Secondly, They are a breathable material and are designed with a hook and loop colure system for a perfectly snug fit. furthermore, The cool technology promotes cool air in and warm air out, so your kid’s hands will be comfortable even in long, hot rides. 

Full Finger Bike Gloves for Kids

Zoic Clutch at REI

Price: $25.00

Style: Full finger gloves that come in a snazzy and fresh pattern design.

Sizes: Small (4-6 years old), medium (7-9 years old), large (10-12 years old)

Special Features: These bike gloves for kids offer a superior fit and comfort using high-tech synthetic fabrics that perform and keep kid’s hands comfortable. In addition, The gloves also have touch-screen compatible pads in the fingertips, so kids can use their favorite electronic devices without needing to pull their gloves off. Therefore, these are a perfect choice for mountain biking adventures.

DAKINE Prodigy

Price: $25.00

Style: Full finger gloves come in a bright and poppy color pattern that’s the style for older kids.

Sizes: Small (4-6 years old), medium (6-8 years old), large (8-10 years old), x-large (10-12 years old)

Special Features: Gel palm padding offers grip and protection. The four-way stretch on these kids’ mountain bike gloves makes these a comfortable and agile pair for biking adventures. Your kids can get a perfect fit with the hook and loop colure system around the wrist. Secondly, the gloves are synthetic but off a suede- and leather-like feel and performance.

These come with touch-screen compatible pads in the finer tips and a micro-fleece nose wipe behind the thumbs. Furthermore, the gloves also incorporate a Polygiene® Odor Control technology to help keep gloves smelling fresh, even after a sweaty day biking. 

Tasco Ridgeline 

Price: $30.00

Style: Full finger gloves come in two solid colors and one tie dye color pattern. 

Sizes: Youth xx-small (5-6 years old), youth x-small (6-7 years old), youth medium (7-8 years old), youth large (8-9 years old)

Special Features: These are ideal for mountain biking. The gloves are ventilated to keep hands cool while providing the performance grip needed to ride across the trails. The palms have a silicone grip design and even perforation for extra ventilation. There’s a microfiber sweat wipe fabric at the back of the thumbs. These are lightweight, yet durable and functional enough to hit the trails.

Giro DND Jr II

Price: $28.18

Style: Full finger gloves that come in six bright and cool color patterns that are a great choice for older kids.

Sizes: X-small (4-5 years old), small (5-6 years old), medium (7-8 years old), large (9-10 years old)

Special Features: Synthetic leather for grip and synthetic lightweight fabric for ventilation will keep your kid’s hands comfortable all day long. These have a durable Velcro strap to create a snug and secure fit around the wrist. These are ideal kids’ mountain bike gloves for sport biking, whether it’s mountain, BMX, or park riding. 

TENS Bike Gloves

Price: $19.00

Style: Full finger gloves in seven bright colors for a sporty look.

Sizes: Small (5-year-olds), medium (6-year-olds), large (7-year-olds)

Special Features: These are designed for maximum control on handlebars and protection on falls. These will pull sweat and heat away from the hands and help keep them cool. They offer a four-way stretch for ultimate mobility, and synthetic leather  grips for ultimate power. Furthermore, there’s a Terry cloth sweat wipe at the thumbs and superior ventilations. These are a classic sport glove for multiple biking occasions. 

Gel Padded Kids Bike Gloves by FINGER TEN Store

Price: $14.99

Style: Full finger gloves come in six fun colors that are best suited for younger kids.

Sizes: Small (2–4-year-olds), medium (5–7-year-olds), large (7–9-year-olds), x-large (9-11year olds), xx-large (11–13-year-olds)

Special Features: These are stretchy and sticky gloves that will give your kids perfect protection. They’re touch screen compatible pads on the fingertips which means that kids don’t need to pull their gloves off to use their electronic devices. Above all, the palms use a non-slip Amara palm for extra strength and grip. There are also silicone finger strips for even more control and grip. These kids bicycle gloves are perfect for multi-sport and multi-biking adventures.

How to Get the Perfect Kids Bike Gloves Fit:
best kids bike gloves

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