Middle East

Living Abroad: Week 3

After a few weeks of living here in “The Kingdom” (that’s what all the cool kids call Saudi Arabia), life ...
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Flying Pregnant with 3 Kids in Tow

Sounds crazy right?  What kind of pregnant woman would subject herself to 30+ hours of travel while she’s 9-months pregnant? ...
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Living Abroad – Week 2

What?  I’m a week behind?  Well, spoiler alert – baby #4 came earlier than we planned and put life on ...
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Living Abroad – Week 1

Wow, it’s amazing that we’re officially expatriates now.  The jet lag has passed, the kids are getting back to normal ...
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Our Family – Moving from Good to Great

Deep within in me, there is a desire to make a substantial difference.  A desire to supersede all expectations for ...
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