Comfama Guatape: The Best Guatape Activity for All Ages

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If you’re heading to Guatape, the absolute best thing to do there is to visit Comfama Guatape.  It’s packed full of great outdoor activities, is incredibly affordable, and is the best Guatape activity for all ages.

As we were planning our trip to Guatape, we did TONS of research to determine the best things to do in Guatape.  We read dozens of articles, and not a single one mentioned Comfama Guatape.  When we drove into town for the first time and saw Comfama Guatape, we instantly changed our plans so that we could spend a lot of time at Comfama.  

What is Comfama Guatape?

Comfama is an organization that operates all throughout the Antiochia region of Colombia that has programs and facilities to build up families and individuals.  They have social programs, recreation programs, and other things to help support the overall social structure.  As a visitor, it reminded me closely of the YMCA organization in the United States.

Along with their goals, they have several large retreat-like destinations throughout Antioquia to help people enjoy more time together.  Comfama Guatape has a lot of its activities focused on the main attraction of the area, Guatape Lake.  

Where is Comfama Guatape Located?

The Comfama in Guatape is located between the Guatape Rock and the town of Guatape.  It’s easily recognizable by the large pedestrian bridge that crosses over the road.  Parking is on the west side of the road as you’re going in (on the left-hand side as you’re going towards Guatape). 

Giant foam block building area

How Much Does Parque Comfama Guatape Cost?

Parque Comfama in Guatape is surprisingly affordable.  I was truthfully SHOCKED!  If you have a Comfama affiliation, it’s even cheaper.  You pay one admission fee and ALL of the activities are included.  Yes, ALL OF THEM!   Here are the Guatape Comfama entry prices:

Tarifa A: $3.700 COP
Tarifa B: $4.600 COP
Tarifa C: Adults – $10.000 COP  Kids – $5.000 COP
Tarifa D: Adults – $17.200 COP  Kids – $8.700 COP

For a frame of reference, if you’re on the Tarifa D (basically all visitors without a Comfama affiliation), the cost of entry is $3.90 USD for adults and $2 USD for kids.  If you’re looking for budget things to do in Guatape, this is hands down the best option.

Note:  To enter Comfama Guatape, you need your national ID or passport (a copy will do) to get in.

What Ages is Guatape Comfama Guatape Good For? 

Guatape Comfama is really amazing for all ages.  While some of the activities like the water obstacle course and kayaking have an age limit, there are plenty of areas that are great for all ages.  Keep reading below to discover the best Comfama activities for your kids.

What To Do At Guatape Comfama

This is where things get exciting.  There are TONS of things that you can do at the Guatape Comfama.  Best of all, it’s all included with the very affordable cost of admission.  The only thing you would need to purchase is if you want food or drinks while you’re there.  Here are the best things to do at Comfama Guatape.

Water Obstacle Course Wibit at Guatape Lake

One of the best all-around activities is the water obstacle course on Guatape Lake.  We’ve been to a lot of Wibit obstacle courses and this was one of the biggest and the best.  This activity is open to ages 6 and older and is so much fun.

Everyone doing the Guatape Lake water obstacle course is given a life jacket and must listen to and agree to the safety rules and instructions.  After that, you’re free to go and have fun.  Our kids spent well over an hour there, and if the day had been warmer, they could have easily spent twice that amount of time.  It’s one of the best activities there.  You’ll find inflatable climbing walls, floating trampolines, floating slides, and so much more.  Don’t skip this section!

Floating Football Field

One of the most unique aspects of Comfama Guatape is the floating football field (soccer).  Yes, there is a football field floating on Lake Guatape!  If you’ve got sports lovers in your family, bring a ball with you because they’re sure to love playing here.

Toboggan Water Slide

If you love a high-speed adrenaline rush, head over to the toboggan slide area.  Here you sit in snow toboggan tubes and you race another person as you slide down the steep hill into the water.  It’s SO FUN, and you really do go quite fast.  In the end, about ½ of the tubes flip over, and the others just skim across the water.  It’s a fantastic ride and the perfect Comfama activity for thrill seekers.

Tip:  We found that if you lean back, you’re less likely to have your tube flip over. 

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Lake Guatape

If you’re wanting to try Stand Up Paddleboarding, there are a few better places than on Lake Guatape.  At Comfama, they have several paddleboards and a small area that you can paddle around.  It’s not a huge SUP area, but it’s excellent for beginners.  For a bit more fun, try out the GIANT paddle board that can fit several people at the same time!

Comfama Splash Pad

If you’ve got really little kids at Comfama, this is the spot for you.  Located on the top of the hill overlooking the water obstacle course is the Comfama Splash Pad.  It’s not huge, but it’s a great place to cool down on a hot day!  There are a few covered picnic areas nearby so you could easily stay a while here.

Guatape Lake Paddle Boats

If you want to paddle around Guatape Lake, the paddle boats at Comfama are the perfect thing.  They’ve got a shade on top for hot days and can sit up to 4 people each. This is the best paddling option if you’ve got young kids with you.

Kayaking Guatape Lake

If you want to kayak in Guatape, this is the best and most affordable option.  Comfama has lots of kayaks including both single and double kayaks that you can paddle on Lake Guatape.  There is a height requirement for paddling these, so most young kids won’t be tall enough and can only do the paddle boats.  If you want a chance to enjoy Lake Guatape and get some quiet, this is one of the best paddling options.  

Play in the Pirate Ships

If you’re at Comfama with kids, don’t miss the fun play pirate ships.  There are several that are built above the lake and they’re the perfect place for imaginative play.  Some of them are empty, while others have staff and activities onboard.  

Have a Picnic

All over the Comfama Guatape property, you’ll find lots of covered picnic areas.  Nearly all of them also include a grill, as well as the firewood that you’ll need to cook your meal there.  This is a great option, and we love that Comfama encourages families to bring their own food in!

Can I bring my own food into Comfama?

Yes, there are lots of picnic tables and even grills for you to enjoy.

Are there lockers at the Guatape Comfama?

Yes, there are lockers, but you need to bring your own lock.  There are 2 set of lockers – one is just after you enter and the other is by the food vendors on the other side of the road, after you cross the bridge.

What is the best time to visit Comfama in Guatape?

Really, just about any time is a great time to visit.  We were there on a Saturday and were shocked by how few people were there.  We never had any real lines for anything and the staff run everything very efficiently.  It’s also very large, so even if there is a group there, the size of Comfama spreads everyone out so it never feels crowded.  

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