The Complete Guide to Pueblito Paisa, Medellin

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Medellin is packed full of fun cultural experiences, and Pueblito Paisa is one of the best.  Imagine stepping into a time machine and journeying back into the past. This is exactly the experience that awaits you and your family at Pueblito Paisa, a charming replica of a traditional Colombian village nestled atop Nutibara Hill in the middle of the bustling city of Medellín.

During our 2 months in Colombia, we spent a majority of the time living at the base of Nutibara Hill and went up to Pueblito Paisa more times than I can count.  It feels like an escape from the busy pace of the city and with all of the green space there, it’s such a great space to explore when you’re in Medellin.  

What is Pueblito Paisa?

Pueblito Paisa is a charming replica of a traditional Antioquian village, or “pueblo”, located atop Nutibara Hill in Medellín, Colombia. It was constructed to give locals and tourists a glimpse of the paisa culture and architecture of the early 20th century.  There’s a church, a restaurant, and lots of little snack shops.  It’s a fantastic place to just slow down and enjoy a slower pace for the day. It’s a very family friendly place and there’s plenty of space for kids to run around a little bit.  It’s a great way to get a feel for a small Colombian town without having to travel out of the city.  

While you’re up at Pueblito Paisa, which is technically just the little town replica, make sure to explore around a little bit more.  There are a few small shops selling local artisan crafts, a museum, and some of the best views of Medellin from the top of the hill.

pueblito paisa medellin

History of Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa was inaugurated in 1978 as part of the city’s 350th-anniversary celebrations. It was intended to pay tribute to the traditional Paisa culture and showcase the region’s rural heritage within the increasingly urbanized city of Medellín.

It’s built on the top of Nutibara Hill which the city purchased and preserved in 1927 as a recreational space for the city.

Architect Sierra Uribe was the visionary force behind this ambitious endeavor, aiming to create a distinctive cultural haven where both locals and visitors could immerse themselves in the quaintness and allure of a traditional Paisa village from the 20th century. His intention was to celebrate Paisa heritage, a reference to the inhabitants of the Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío departments, known for their distinct cultural customs and industrious nature.

pueblito paisa medellin

The construction of Pueblito Paisa was part of a broader project to transform Nutibara Hill into a cultural and recreational site, which also included the creation of the Sculpture Park and the open-air auditorium.

Pueblito Paisa consists of a central square surrounded by several buildings, each one representing a fundamental part of a Paisa town. There’s a church, a school, a barber shop, a mayor’s office, and several other structures, each filled with authentic antiques from the turn of the 20th century.

Over the years, Pueblito Paisa has become a significant tourist attraction and a cultural symbol of Medellín, beloved by both locals and visitors for its unique blend of history, culture, and charm. It’s a living testament to the Paisa heritage and continues to provide a window into the past amid the hustle and bustle of Colombia’s second-largest city.

Several of the buildings in Pueblito Paisa have remnants of buildinging in old Colombian villages that were flooded when El Penol lake was created to provide hydroelectric power.  

The Artisans’ Market

Wandering around Pueblito Paisa, you’ll come across the artisans’ market, a vibrant display of local craftsmanship. From handmade jewelry and pottery to woven baskets and traditional clothing, the market is a feast for the senses. This is a perfect place to pick up a unique souvenir or two to remember your time in Colombia.

Restaurants at Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa offers several options for dining.  The main one is a restaurant that overlooks the square from the north side.  If it has a name, I don’t know it and never saw a sign, but it’s a good option for local food. They serve delicious local dishes like bandeja paisa, a hearty meal with beans, rice, fried eggs, plantains, and several types of meat. 

pueblito paisa medellin

Even if we’re not going at meal time, we often stop there, get a cold drink and a few snacks, and just sit up on the balcony and people watch. 

For dessert, try some traditional sweets sold by the local vendors, such as arequipe or guava paste. There are several ice cream shops as well, which is a great treat after hiking all the stairs up to the top of the hill.

There are a few vendors around the square selling empanadas and other small snacks as well.  For other quick bites, there are a few other small shops on the north west corner and down the stairs where you can get a cheap bite to eat. 

pueblito paisia medellin

Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Pueblito Paisa hosts a number of festivals and events that add to the charm of the place. These include traditional music concerts, dance performances, and craft workshops. During these events, the whole village comes alive with color and energy, offering an immersive cultural experience for your family.

The most popular event at Pueblito Paisa is the Christmas lights in December.  They go all out and decorate the whole area in thousands of lights.  We’ve never seen it for ourselves, but hear that it’s one of the best places to see Christmas lights in Medellin.

The Scenic Vistas

While the village itself is undeniably enchanting, don’t miss out on the stunning views of Medellín that Nutibara Hill offers. There are several lookout points around Pueblito Paisa from which you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the cityscape. As the sun sets and the city lights begin to twinkle, it’s the perfect way to end your day at Pueblito Paisa, leaving you with a lasting impression of this unique destination.

views from nutibara hill medellin

Medellin Museum at Nutibara Hill

On the top of the hill above Pueblito Paisa, there’s a small museum that shares the history of Medellin over the last 200 years.  It’s got a lot of photos and displays that show you what life was like in Medellin at different times.  It was pretty interesting and with an entrance price of only $5.000 COP, it’s well worth the visit.  At the end, there’s a scale model of the city which is a fun way to see how things have evolved into what they are today.  

While all of the signs have Spanish, there are several that also have descriptions in English, so even if your Spanish isn’t great, you can still learn a lot.  

museo de ciudad medellin cerro nutibara

Sculpture Garden Pueblito Paisa

While you’re at Pueblito Paisa, make sure to check out the sculpture garden at Nutibara Hill.  It was created in 1983 in coordination with the Medellin Museum of Modern art.  IF you hike up or down the north side of the hill, you’ll see most of these sculptures.  

The most famous sculpture is at the top of Nutibara hill and depicts Chief Nutibara, for whom the hill was named, and a warrior with a puma at their feet.  The sculpture is the most popular sculpture at Nutibara Hill and depicts strength and bravery. 

pueblito paisia medellin

Parque de Toboganes at Nutibara HIll

On your way down Nutibara Hill from Pueblito Paisa, make sure to walk down the north side of the hill so you can stop at Parque de Toboganes.  Here they have several MASSIVE concrete slides that you can go down, and it’s tons of fun!  The slides are quite large and while kids love them, they’re also great fun for adults who are kids at heart!

parque de toboganes cerro nutibara medellin

The concrete does make you go down the hill VERY FAST, so use caution if you’re wearing shorts as the friction can make the slides burn you.

parque de toboganes cerro nutibara medellin

What to do at Pueblito Paisa with Kids in Medellin

Pueblito Paisa with kids is a lot of fun, and all of our kids, ages 6-16 really enjoy going up there.  Here are some of the best things to do at Pueblito Paisa with kids:

  • Walk around the old square
  • Take a picture with the I Heart Medellin sign
  • Shop for fun trinkets
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Visit the city museum and locate different sites on the city model
  • Go down to Parque de Toboganes
pueblito paisia medellin

What can I see and do at Pueblito Paisa?

The main attraction is the replica village itself, with its traditional church, mayor’s office, schoolhouse, and more. You can also explore the Casa Museo, a small museum showcasing traditional paisa living. The site hosts an artisans’ market selling local crafts and a variety of restaurants serving local cuisine. Additionally, the location atop Nutibara Hill offers panoramic views of Medellín.

pueblito paisa medellin

Where is Pueblito Paisa?

Pueblito Paisa is located in Medellín, Colombia, atop Nutibara Hill (Cerro Nutibara), one of the city’s natural landmarks. It’s situated in the western-central area of Medellín, offering a panoramic view of the city. It’s located off of Calle 30A to the south and Avenida 33 to the north.  It’s a short drive from downtown Medellin and is home to one of the best green spaces in the city of Medellin.

Best Way To Get To Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa is conveniently located in Medellín, so there are lots of options to get there. You can get there by taxi, public transportation, or even on foot if you are in the mood for a hike. 

It’s between both the Industriales and Exposiciones metro stops.  From there the walk is not too long.  If you want to take a taxi to Pueblito Paisa, they can drive you to the top of the hill, or you can choose to be dropped off at the bottom and hike up.  If you’re on a tour bus, they are also allowed to drive to the top to drop people off. If you drive your own car, parking is found on the north side of Cerro Nutibara, and costs $7.000 COP.  

To get to the top of Pueblito Paisa, most people walk to the top.  There are stairs on both sides of the hill that will take you up the steep hill.  In the mornings and evenings the stairs are popular with people working out and running up and down them.  

What are the opening hours of Pueblito Paisa?

Pueblito Paisa is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays. However, individual shops, restaurants, and the Casa Museo may have their own specific opening times.

Is there an entrance fee to visit Pueblito Paisa?

There is no entrance fee to visit Pueblito Paisa. Visitors can freely explore the village and the hill. However, there might be fees for certain activities or events, and purchases at the market or restaurants.

Are there any special events held at Pueblito Paisa?

Yes, Pueblito Paisa hosts a range of cultural events throughout the year. These include traditional music concerts, dance performances, and craft workshops. 

Is Pueblito Paisa accessible for people with disabilities?

Pueblito Paisa is located on a hill, and while there are pathways, it may pose some challenges for people with mobility issues. SInce most of the trails up have stairs, make sure to get dropped off right at the top.  While you can’t go everywhere at the top of the hill, you can see all of Pueblito Paisa.

What should I wear when visiting Pueblito Paisa?

There’s no specific dress code for visiting Pueblito Paisa. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended, as you will be walking around exploring the village and possibly climbing the hill.

Is Pueblito Paisa Safe?

While the areas at the top of Pueblito Paisa are very safe, some of the surrounding areas at Nutibara Hill are not.  It’s best to not travel alone, and to stick to the well-maintained trails.  We DO NOT recommend walking up or down Nutibara Hill at night.  If you’re visiting Pueblito Paisa at night, it’s best to take a taxi to the top and back down again. 

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