Happy Campers from the Start: How to Camp with a Baby and Love It

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Hello, adventurous parents! Are you dreaming about camping with your precious little one but feeling a bit anxious about how it might go? Don’t worry, I’ve been there! As a mom of five who has embarked on many family camping trips—starting when each of my kids was just a few months old—I’m here to share that it’s not only possible but can be an absolutely fabulous experience.

baby playingoutside on family camping trip

In our experience, the more you go camping with your baby the easier it is (for both baby and the parents). We really think that you can do most things with kids, just at a slower pace and with more preparation – family camping is no different.

To help you make your baby’s camping trip as easy as possible, we’ve put together our top baby camping tips to help make your trip go as smoothly as possible!

Pro Tip: RELAX! Not everything on your camping trip with your baby will go seamlessly, and that’s okay. Life in your house probably isn’t always perfect either. Your baby will need to be fed, changed, and put to sleep wherever you are, so you might as well do it somewhere AMAZING! Embrace the flow of camping with a baby, and soak up the good parts (and try to forget the hard).

mom camping with baby and kids

Why Go Camping with an infant, baby or toddler?

Why go camping with a baby, you might ask? Simple. It’s about making those first connections with nature and with each other. It’s about showing your little one the great outdoors and starting adventures early. Remember, it’s not just about getting away from screens and daily routines; it’s about creating joyful memories that start from the very beginning of their lives.

Whatever your reasons for taking your baby camping, I applaud you! YOU ARE A GREAT PARENT!

camping with a baby and family outside

Is It Really Safe To Camp With A Baby?

One of the first questions many new parents have about camping with a baby is about safety. Let me reassure you, that camping with a baby is safe if you take the right precautions. Ensure your baby is protected from the sun and insects, and always keep a close watch near water or unfamiliar terrain. And remember, choosing a well-established campground can help minimize most of your concerns about wildlife.

baby backpacking

The Best Age for Baby Camping: Sooner Than You Think!

You might be wondering when the best time to start camping with your baby is. Honestly, the earlier the better. Babies adapt incredibly quickly, and the less accustomed they are to a strict home routine, the easier camping becomes. We’ve had great success starting as early as one month old. Babies at this age are mostly sleeping and eating, so it’s a great way to ease into the camping lifestyle, when they’ll be sleeping a good portion of the time!

camping with a newborn baby
Our middle child camping at 4 weeks old

Generally, we find that the earlier we start camping with our babies, the easier it is for them, because they aren’t as used to the rigid structure of home yet.

We started camping with 2 of our babies at one month old, another at 4 months, one at 9 months and another was 14 months. All of these baby camping ages worked great for our kids and their personalities. Some babies are easier than others so you may want to camp with them earlier and for other babies, camping just needs to wait a bit.

What Is The Easiest Age To Camp With A Baby?

The easiest baby camping age is before they start crawling so babies under about age 6 months are easiest to camp with. At this point, they mostly just eat, sleep, and need a diaper change, so it’s more about getting mom and dad used to camping with a baby at this age.

Baby camping

What is The Hardest Baby Camping Age?

The hardest age of camping baby is around 9-14 months. At this age, most kids can get around by crawling quickly, or are learning to walk and still fall a decent amount. Either way, they spend A LOT of time on the ground at this age, and are usually very curious about taste testing things.

At this age, you’ll always want to have your baby contained in a baby tent or baby camping bed, or have an adult wearing them in a carrier or closely watching them the whole time.

baby camping in a tent

Packing Made Easy: What Do You Really Need?”

Overpacking is a common temptation, especially for new parents. Trust me, you don’t need as much as you think. A few changes of clothes, basic hygiene supplies, a safe place for baby to sleep, and some comforting toys are enough. Simplifying what you bring not only makes the trip easier but also more enjoyable.

It’s really easy to get carried away when you start packing all of your babies things into the car. I always find myself thinking “but what if I need this or that?” when really, all I need are the baby camping essentials.

I mean, is it even possible to cook dinner without my baby in the swing so I can have my hands free? What if he suddenly starts wanting to grab things or look around, should I bring all the baby toys? Maybe this would be a good camping trip to try out the bumbo seat? While all of these thoughts are running through my head as a mom, I have to constantly remind myself that I do not need these things. 

On a camping trip, my husband will always be there to tag-team the baby when he’s crying, and more often than not, he’s just calm and content being outside. So focus less on bringing ALL THE BABY THINGS and focus more on how you can all relax and enjoy the time together outside.

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Must-Have Items For Camping With A Baby: Baby Camping Gear Essential Packing List

Trying to figure out what baby camping gear you need on your first family camping trip can be overwhelming. I remember that on our first camping trip with our oldest, we stuffed the car to the roof, just for an overnight trip. We’ve learned a lot since then and truthfully, taking less baby camping gear has made our lives so much easier. Here are our top pieces of baby camping gear we recommend packing on your family camping trip.

20 Tips To Make Camping With A Baby Easier

We love camping with all of our babies. It’s a great way for us to connect as a family and build great bonds with a baby in the outdoors. Here are our top hacks for camping with a baby!

crawling baby camping in the forest

Getting Baby To Sleep While Camping

One of the biggest concerns parents have when camping with a baby is how to get them to sleep. Truthfully, it’s the never ending quest for all parents in the first year of life! Getting baby to sleep while camping really follows the same principles that you would at home for getting your baby to bed.

Baby camping

Follow a camping bedtime routine

When you’re camping, try and follow a similar bedtime camping routine to what you would do at home so that your baby knows that its time to wind down. If you always sing a song and read a book, do the same at home. If you always bathe your baby at home, consider just giving them a sponge bath using warm water instead or rubbing them down with lotion.

Follow Their Tired Cues Instead of a Strict Bedtime While Camping

When baby starts getting tired, watch for their cues. Are they rubbing their eyes, yawning a lot, or not as playful? If so, it’s probably time to start winding down and getting ready for bed. Because they are in a new environment they may be ready for bed at a different time than they are at home. Putting them to sleep when they’re showing the first signs of tiredness instead of well before or after, will help your baby settle down and get to sleep easier.

baby sleeping while camping

Consider Cosleeping While Camping

If you don’t cosleep at home, consider cosleeping while camping. Many parents prefer to cosleep while camping for easy nighttime feedings, and so they can keep a closer eye on if baby is getting cold while camping. We recommend a double sleeping bag for cosleeping with a baby while camping. These bigger sleeping bags give both mom and baby some extra space that a regular sleeping bag wouldn’t. Remember that an adult sleeping bag is not safe for a baby to sleep in alone, so be careful of the camping bedding that you use. A light blanket is a great option for camping trips in warmer climates. Also, keep in mind that if you do use a camping pad, it needs to be firm and solid to avoid suffocation risks.

What Should Baby Sleep In While Camping

Infants and babies can be at a large risk of suffocation while sleeping, so as you likely already know, big puffy blankets and bedding are not recommended. This also rules out most traditional sleeping bags, so recommend a special baby sleeping bag for camping.

We are absolutely in love with this baby and toddler sleeping bag and recommend it to everyone we know (use code 10BTK21 for 10% off). They’re rated warm down to 20 degrees and are so perfect for keeping camping infants warm AND sleeping safely while camping.

big mo best toddler sleeping bag

Camping Beds For Baby

In our experience, babies sleep best when they’re in a camping bed on camping trips. This is especially true for babies who can crawl or walk! Being in the bed lets them know that this is the place they’re supposed to sleep and settle down. A baby camping bed is especially helpful for getting mobile babies to hold still and settle down.

PeaPod camping

To get your baby used to their camping bed, have them sleep in it several times at home, even if it’s just for nap. This will help them to be familiar with the camping bed and to sleep better and faster. Our favorite infant camping bed is the PeaPod (it’s super small and lightweight), but there are lots of other camping bed options for baby as well.

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Tips for Sleeping in a Tent with a Baby

Before you go on your camping trip, you should know that a tent (especially a baby tent!) can be a VERY exciting place for a camping infant. They’ll love the way the fabric looks with lights reflecting off of it and all the new sounds and smells. This is magical, but also can be hard to get them to sleep. Follow our sleeping tips above to help your baby learn to be calmer in the tent to everyone can get some rest!

family camping with a baby

Keep Camping Trips With A Baby Simple

Are you feeling really ambitious and eager to get back to your pre-baby adventurous lifestyle? If this sounds like you, and you’re even tempted to go backpacking with a baby, slow down. Keep your first camping trip simple, and bravely bring less baby gear than you use at home! Plan your first camping trip with baby close to home and only stay for 2 nights. The first night might be a little rough, but the second is almost always easier, so don’t give up!

Take a step back and make sure that you have at least a few trips of car camping with baby before you head into the wilderness for a backpacking trip. Figure out the ins and outs of getting your baby to sleep, changing diapers outside, and feeding a baby while on those first camping trips so you can move onto bigger trips later on.

Dress Baby In Layers for Camping

I’m sure you’re wondering “How should I dress a baby for camping?” We follow the same rules for camping with infants as we do for kids and adults. DRESS IN LAYERS. Merino wool is pricey, but it will be your best friend when camping with a baby. It insulates, wicks moisture away if they start to sweat, resists odors, AND dries fast in case of an accident. We always use merino for a base layer for kids while camping (especially for sleeping) and LOVE these merino wool socks for baby.

mom and baby camping in the mountains

Dressing baby in layers for a camping trip allows you to add or remove clothing as the temperature changes throughout the day. On top of the base layer, put an insulating mid-layer (Fleece or sweats work great), and then if the temps are really cold, a jacket or coat.

Often when we’re on a baby camping trip, it’s super cold in the morning and heats up a lot throughout the day, so these baby camping clothes will help your little one regulate their temperature throughout the day.

Do a Trial Camping Run With Baby Before You Leave Home

If you’re just starting out camping with a baby, it’s always a good idea to do a trial run before leaving home. This will help you figure out what baby gear you need and how to pack for your trip. It will also give you an idea of how nap and bedtime routines might go while on vacation. I suggest packing the same baby gear items you use at home while camping, so that baby becomes comfortable with the routine and knows what to expect, but don’t get carried away. THe less you bring, the easier it is to manage a baby while camping.

baby in tent

Plan Your Nightime Camping Strategy In Advance

Feeding and changing a baby while camping during the night can be a bit of a challenge, so come up with a plan in advance. Make sure that you have a plan for which parent will be waking up with the child if they’re cold, fussy, or hungry. If you are breastfeeding, this is the easiest option for nighttime feedings, and if not, plan to bring a battery-operated bottle warmer with you (this is a great bottle warmer for camping).

Make sure to have wipes, a changing pad, diapers and an extra set of clothes handy in case of an accident. We also recommend a lantern with a dim setting so you can light up the area a little, without waking baby up.

Bring Extra Diapers, Baby Wipes, and Changes Of Clothes

Camping with a baby means that you’ll be going through more diapers and wipes than usual. Make sure to pack enough for the entire trip, plus some extra just in case. And don’t forget to pack a few extra sets of clothes for both you and your little one in case of an accident.

While it is a splurge, as I mentioned, we love dressing our babies in Merino Wool for camping. It’s especially nice because it dries quick in case you need to do a quick spot wash.

Can I Use Cloth Diapers While Camping?

Yes, you can absolutely cloth diaper while camping, just keep in mind that it does require more work. Most of our kids wore cloth diapers, but after a few trips of camping with cloth diapers, we realized that it required significantly more effort than cloth diapers at home. After that, we decided that disposable (or compostable) diapers were best for our family while camping, but each family is different.

Remember That Outdoor Babies Are Resilient

One thing to keep in mind when camping with a baby is that outdoor babies are resilient. They quickly adjust to being outside and the dirt and bugs really don’t bother them as much as they bother us. Your camping trip WON’T go perfectly, but your baby will never remember and will bounce right back, as long as you roll with it too.

crawling baby while camping

Embrace the Mess of Camping With Kids

Prepare yourself for a really dirty baby…and know that it’s totally normal. Camping with a baby is messy and as they explore, they’ll inevitably get into some dirt, rocks and leaves. Dirty hands, messy hair, and days on end without a bath are absolutely okay in the great outdoors when tent camping with a baby. If you’re really worried about the mess, read our top tips for keeping kids a little cleaner while camping. If all else fails, those extra wet wipes you packed will come in extra handy for keeping feet, hands, and faces clean(er).

Keep Meals Simple

One of the best things that you can do to keep your baby camping trip easier is to simplify your family meals. Try and cook as much of your family meals as you can in advance and reheat it when you’re on the camping trip. These simple camping meal recipes can help with that. Plan on doing simple meals for the family camping trip and also have all of your baby food premade. Pouch baby foods and dry cereals will likely be your best friend for baby camping food.

Keeping Baby Contained While Camping

If you have a baby that’s crawling or walking, you’ll want to do something to keep baby contained camping. We often use our baby camping bed (one of our baby camping essentials) and take it outside for baby to play in for a bit, but you can also use a baby tent as well.

When you need to get something done, or are moving around a lot, one of the best ways to keep baby contained while camping is to put them in a baby carrier and take them with you. They’ll love the security of being with mom or dad while they discover something new, and you’ll still have your hands free.

How to Keep Baby Warm While Camping

The best way to keep baby warm while camping is to layer their clothing. We also know that many babies get cold at night. Get a baby camping bed that rests on the ground to help insulate them (a pack-n-play isn’t good for camping because it allows cold air to circulate under the bed, making it really cold). We also dress our babies in Merino wool PJ’s, wool socks, and a hat. These baby sleeping bags for camping are not only REALLY WARM, but they’re also one of the safest baby sleeping bag for camping. With these tips it’s even possible to tackle cold weather camping with baby.

baby lane sleeping while camping

Plan on Babywearing For Camping

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned while camping with a baby, it’s that it’s so helpful to have a baby carrier. Baby carriers for camping keep your hands free and are really helpful when you need to move around with baby. It’s also great for when baby falls asleep in the carrier (which they will likely do as they get tired from all of the new stimulation).

babywearing while camping

Best Tent For Camping With A Baby

While you may not have a big family yet, you’ll be surprised at how much room a baby takes up. If you’re hoping to get cozy in a 2-3 man tent with a baby, that could get kind of tricky with an infant camping bed. While there is no PERFECT tent for baby camping, we suggest that you get one that sleeps at least 4. This extra room will give you space for a baby bed, an area to change diapers and allow enough headroom to sit up and care for baby during the night.

Relax and catch up on your sleep when you’re camping with a baby.

Believe it or not, camping can be a great time to catch up on your sleep as a parent. If you go to bed when the sun goes down, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be getting more sleep than you ever do at home. Take advantage of this, and go to bed early. That way you will be able to relax, enjoy your trip with your baby, and go home rested!

Extra Tips for Camping with an Infant

Camping with an infant can be lots of fun, so take some time to sit back and enjoy the moment. What may feel like a lot of work, is actually the beginning of your outdoor adventures with your kids.

Once your child is into the toddler years, taking a travel bed will make things so much easier once they get into that stage, as will going camping more often.

tent and baby playing outside
hiking with baby in mountains
carcamping baby bucket bath
baby camping bath in washtub

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  1. Super good advice on how to make a cozy bed for a baby! The fact that it doesn’t require anything extra to pack totally appeals to my inner minimalist 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree that taking a pack and play along isn’t that great, unless its in the summer probably. My son got to cold in it. I totally agree about the packing lots of clothes thing too. It seems that its important to take both warm and cool clothes, especially if your not sure about the weather. Once in early summer in Kentucky, I didn’t take much warm clothes, and it was chilly and rainy, and I really needed them for my son. I definitely learned my lesson!

    -Hannah Avery

    • With a baby that small, keeping them covered and out of the elements is a huge thing. To help make it easier, I suggest getting a good baby carrier. We use the Beco Butterfly II. For the heat, a loose fitting lightweight receiving blanket over the top of the carrier is a good option, paired with light clothes (or just a onesie) underneath. For the rain, try the same with a somewhat heavier blanket and make sure that baby is wearing clothes that won’t get him cold (with extra clothes handy too). With bugs, honestly, I’d just try for another location. Yes, you can cover them up, but if they are really bad and baby starts to get bites, everyone will be miserable. We’ve used Kids Herbal Armor bug repellant with older kids with awesome success, but I’d run it by your pediatrician before using it on such a tiny baby. Good luck!

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  5. It is comforting to know that you took your babies when they were 1 month old. I am planning for a camping trip with my 11 week old and feel that every site speaks of babies that are at least 6 months. Thanks for the advice!

    • Totally your call. In the US (or developed world) we often forget that people live their whole life from the minute they are born, until they die in conditions that we would consider “camping”. For that case, what about the whole human race for thousands of years. I’d say it is more dependent on the parent and their comfort level then on a specific timeline. Be aware that you have to care for them and their needs and don’t expose them to drastic conditions. If you start now, then your kids will grow up doing it and love doing it with you all the way. Have a great time!

    • Definitely having the same problem on sites found few where they speak of very young lite ones. Good tips here !! We are taking our LO when she is only 6 weeks !! My husband and I are very excited and if it doesn’t go well oh well we tried but we think the fresh air will be good for the LO and our puppies sleep amazingly in the great outdoors.

  6. Good Tips. We took our first girl camping when she was around a month old and it was a little challenging. Mainly for the temperature issue as you noted here. It was a little windy and we were constantly trying to make sure she was staying warm. We did manage to get out on the lake in the boat one nice day.
    Is was much easier when she was a few months old and were even camping out in the desert with temperatures in the high 90’s. Not recommended, but it worked for us since we were along a river.

  7. Great pictures, amazing time. Spend time with family is always good, it’s one of the best things in life. When we are with people that we love, we feel loved and cared and we also wanna love them more and more and take care.

  8. Has anyone got good ideas on what a baby can sleep in if you’re not car camping – as in, gear that you can actually hike with? I’m nervous having a small baby sleep in our tent because the ‘puff’ of our sleeping bags seems like a real suffocation risk – is there some very safe way to avoid this risk and (hopefully) also ensure a good night’s sleep for the three of us??

    • Think layers. I would layer the baby in a couple pairs of pajamas (make sure the bottom one is good quality that will wick moisture away if they start to sweat – Merino wool is our favorite for this). Then wrap the baby up in several light blankets. Make sure they sleep on a pad to insulate them from the cold from the ground as well. Top them off with a warm hat and you should be good to go. Sleeping bags really don’t work until kids are about 18 months because they are just to small and the loftiness of the bag is too much for them.

  9. Please please please do not leave a baby to sleep in a car seat (except short car journeys). It is now a known fact that prolonged amount of time in car seats scrunches up baby’s body, putting strain on their lungs and can inadvertently suffocate them. There are numerous cases of infants dying in this way. Even on long car journeys you should stop and remove baby from car seat every hour to allow them to stretch.

  10. With a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, go camping with kids is such an interesting thing but also challenging. Sleeping might be the hardest part for us take care of. One tip I would like to add here is to bring Blankie (or some kind of comfort) along. My daughter can’t tell me if it’s her favourite, but I did bring the fleece blanket she sleeps on in her crib to give her a bit of familiarity. I put it right on top of her sleeping mat and tucked it in underneath so it wouldn’t come loose. I like to think it helped.

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