The Biky 14″ Bike: An In-depth Review

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Finding the right bike for your child can be a game-changer in fostering a love for outdoor activities. The Biky 14″ bike has captured my attention not only for its eye-catching design but also for its lightweight frame, which is perfect for beginners just learning how to ride a bike. As I delve deeper into this review, I’ll share why the Biky 14” might just be the perfect starter bike for your child.

When kids are just starting to ride a bike, it is essential to choose a bike that’s safe, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to handle, especially for younger kids. The Biky 14″ offers just that, with features designed to build confidence and skills. Its low center bar makes it easy for kids to get on and off, a critical feature for those tentative first rides. This bike stands out as a solid choice for parents who value both safety and functionality.

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Key Features of the Biky 14”

The Biky 14” was made for kids. They thought of everything important in a children’s bike and made a really great bike.

  • Size: 14 inches
  • Age: 3-5 years
  • Weight: 10.9 lb
  • Height: 37-43 inches
  • Inseam: 16-18 inches
  • MSRP $349

The aluminum frame is very lightweight and durable. It has a lower center frame so that kids can get their leg over the frame easily. With some bikes, this is one of the most overlooked features.

Steering Limiter

When my kids are first learning how to ride a bike they tend to oversteer and turn the handles almost all the way around and crash. Biky has solved this problem by adding a steering limiter to limit how far the handles can turn. The steering limiter is a little bungie attached to the handles to limit how far/quickly the handle can turn.

One of the cool features that the Biky bikes have is a chain guard that wraps around the whole chain. It is basically a plastic cover that encapsulates the entire chain, making it nearly impossible for kids to get snagged on the chain and chain ring. The chain guard does have to be removed for chain maintenance and to lubricate the chain (a must in order to keep the bike working for years to come), and I will keep you all updated on how easy it is to take on and off.

The seat post has a quick-release seat post clamp so that you can make adjustments to the seat height on the go and you don’t need a tool to adjust the seat. This is such a nice feature for growing kids who need the seat raised frequently. The bike also comes with a longer seat post so that you can switch it out when your child grows. The 14” bike also has rear brakes that are controlled with a hand brake. Our old bike had the brakes that worked when they peddled backwards, and the brakes on the Biky are so much better! I have found that those are really difficult to use for a beginner biker who is learning how to peddle. My almost three-year-old would often put her feet down to slow down instead of using the backward peddle and crash. The hand brakes are so much easier to use.  

The brake cable is integrated into the bike frame, which helps protect the cables from damage and exposure to the elements. This is such a great feature usually seen on high-end adult bikes, and it can really extend the life of the bike and reduce maintenance needs.

Sizing of the Biky 14

The 14″ bike is designed for children aged 3-5. Our almost-three-year-old tested it and, although it was a bit large, she managed quite well and could comfortably reach the ground when stopped. It seems likely that it will fit her perfectly once she turns three. However, the bike was too small for my newly-turned five-year-old, who is quite tall for her age. For larger four-year-olds or those nearing five, I recommend considering the 16″ model to ensure the bike lasts longer as your child grows. Read our review of the 16″ Biky here. We always aim to choose the largest bike that still allows for a safe and comfortable fit, maximizing its usability over time.

Assembling The Biky After Shipping

When you order the Biky online, they will ship the whole bike to you in a box. Shipping was fast and we got our bike within 5 days of ordering. When we got the 14” Biky in the mail it was very easy to put together, and only took about 20 minutes to assemble. It comes with a box of tools, a screwdriver, Allen wrenches, a pedal wrench, and an extra seat post to switch out with the original to make the seat even taller for growing kids. I especially appreciated that it comes with a front and rear reflector to keep the kids safe. The instructions were super clear and easy to follow, so you don’t need any bike mechanical experience.

Biky stands behind its product with a five-year warranty on the frame and forks and all other components have a one-year warranty. Normal wear and tear on the bike are not covered. 

Biky Maintenance

Maintaining a kid’s bike is essential for several important reasons. First, regular maintenance ensures the bike’s safety, keeping all parts like brakes, tires, and chains in good working order, which prevents accidents. If you have questions about how to maintain or how often you should be checking the bike you can read the manual here.

Keeping a bike in good condition extends its lifespan, offering better long-term value and reducing the need for frequent replacements. We used to be really bad at maintaining our bikes, and have noticed how much better they work and how much longer they last when we do. If you’re planning on passing this bike down to younger siblings or selling it when you’re done, regular maintenance is important.

Initial Impressions of the Biky 14” Bike

The Biky 14” bike is a really nice bike. It comes in one color that immediately makes it stand out compared to other bikes. I love how easy it is for kids to get on and off the bike, which is a key feature for young kids. We have an almost three-year-old and she can easily get on and off the 14” bike. This makes it perfect for young kids just learning to ride and are a little nervous those first few times out.

The materials seem very high quality. My favorite thing about the bike so far is how lightweight the bike is. It is only 10.9 pounds, which is significantly lighter than most bikes this size. When I first picked it up I was shocked that a bike could be that light. We have a similar-sized bike made by a big bike brand that makes mostly adult bikes and it is almost 2 times as heavy as the Biky bike. Considering that my daughter only weighs 30 pounds, that makes a significant difference. Our other name brand bike weighs almost as much as she does, but the Biky is about 1/3 of her weight, as opposed to the other bike that is half her weight. If you don’t think that’s significant, imagine pedaling a bike that weighs halfas much as you do…and then you’ll appreciate how amazing it is so have a bike this light.

Standout Features

Yes, I keep talking about it over and over, but the biggest standout feature of the Biky 14 is how lightweight it is. It only weighs 10.9 pounds. Which is almost unheard of, and we’ve never found a 14″ kids bike that’s lighter than that. Getting a lightweight bike for your kids is so important. A lot of regular kid bikes are just as heavy as my small adult bike, which can make learning to ride SO HARD for kids. While it costs more than what you would pay at a discount store, it’s a better deal than you’ll find at nearly any bike shop, and we believe it’s well worth the price.

Biky 14 Bike Review, biking

Another feature that we love is the hand brake. While nearly every bike 30 years ago had coaster brakes, they’re really not a great option for kids, especially when they’re learning to ride. Accidentaly having your foot slip back would often mean a crash, so hand brakes really are safer and they give kids a lot more control over their speed.

For safety, we love the steering limiter. Kids who are learning to ride a bike have a huge tendency to overcorrect when they steer, making them lost control. The steering limiter on the Biky bike helps to prevent that which means less crashes and more confidence.

Finally, the price is fantastic. At $349, it’s on the lower end of the price scale when it comes to lightweight bikes. Most lightweight kid’s bikes in this size will cost between $399-$450, so not only are you getting a lighter bike, but it’s also more affordable!

Performance and Handling of the 14” Biky

The performance and handling of the Biky 14″ bike are exceptional, making it a great choice for young riders learning the ropes. The bike’s lightweight construction ensures that it is easy for kids to maneuver and control. The geometry of the frame is specifically designed to accommodate smaller riders, offering a comfortable and stable position that boosts confidence on the bike. The tires are robust enough to handle various terrains, from smooth park paths to slightly uneven surfaces, allowing children to explore different environments safely. These tires are more geared toward urban riding, not something that we would consider designed for trail riding (though it’s possible, it’s just not ideal traction).

Steering is straightforward, with grips that are sized for smaller hands, making it easier for young riders to maintain control. Additionally, the bike’s overall balance is excellent, reducing the likelihood of tipping and making it easier for kids to handle turns and stops. Whether navigating tight corners or speeding along straight paths, the Biky 14″ bike delivers smooth and reliable performance that parents can trust and kids will enjoy. Our almost three-year-old was able to get on it and after about ten minutes of practice, she was able to peddle and maneuver it pretty easily.

Why Kids Need Lightweight Bikes

Lightweight bikes are easier to handle and maneuver. For someone just learning to ride, being able to easily control the bike can boost confidence and make the learning process less intimidating. When our older kids were first learning how to ride a bike we had a 12” bike that was pretty heavy. It weighed a lot more than the 3-year-old learning how to ride it. We have seen such a big difference in switching to a lighter bike. They can pick it up and maneuver it so much easier.

There are so many reasons why lightweight bikes are so important for kids. A lighter bike also means less effort is required to pedal and maintain movement. This can be particularly beneficial for children or beginners who might not have much stamina yet. With less weight, it’s easier to start, stop, and steer the bike. It is also safer to have a lightweight bike. In case of a fall a lightweight bike is less likely to cause injury because it’s easier to handle and less cumbersome if it falls on the rider.

Overall Thoughts on the Biky 14”

The Biky 14″ bike is the perfect choice for young kids learning how to ride a bike. This bike stands out for its lightweight frame and low center bar design that greatly simplifies the learning process, enhancing accessibility, and safety for kids. Throughout this review, the Biky 14″ exceeded my expectations. The bike’s durability ensures it can grow with your child, supporting them as they advance in their cycling abilities. For parents seeking a reliable bike that prioritizes maneuverability, safety, and comfort, the Biky 14″ is an excellent investment. It is ideal for everything from casual park rides to fostering a lifelong passion for cycling. I strongly recommend the Biky 14″ bike for any parent focused on enhancing their child’s early biking experiences.

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