Biky 16” Kids’ Bike Review: One of the Best Lightweight Bikes For Kids

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As a parent, one of my top priorities when choosing a bike for my child is finding one that is durable and lightweight so I can pass if down through all of my kids. We recently tested out the Biky 16″ bike and have been incredibly impressed. It’s the lightest 16″ bike we’ve found, very affordable, and has some great features that make it a fantastic option for kids. Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Biky 16 one of the best lightweight kids bikes.

Biky 16 kids bike

What immediately stands out about the BIky 16 is its lightweight design- at only 11.9 pounds it makes it very easy for beginners to handle and maneuver. My five-year-old can easily pick this bike up all by herself. The low center bar on the frame is thoughtfully made, allowing even smaller children to get on and off the bike with ease, which is essential during those early learning stages. This feature not only boosts confidence but also enhances safety, minimizing the risk of falls. Moreover, the high-quality materials used in the construction of the Biky 16″ ensure durability and longevity, promising many years of enjoyable rides. Having experienced the benefits of such well-designed features firsthand, I can confidently say that this bike is an excellent choice for any parent looking for their kids a lightweight and durable bike.  

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Key Features of the Biky 16” Lightweight Kids Bike

The Biky 16” is very thoughtfully designed with kids in mind. They have incorporated everything important in a children’s bike instead of making an adult bike into a child-sized bike. The founders of Biky were looking for kids’ bikes that were ultra-light that were also affordable so they decided to make their own bikes that did just that. They have focused on making a high-quality, lightweight bike that is still affordable for families. Here are some of the features of the Biky 16”.

  • Size: 16 inches
  • Age: 4-6 years
  • Weight: 11.9 lb
  • Height: 40-46 inches
  • Inseam: 18-22 inches
  • MSRP $399

Biky bikes are all made with an aluminum frame that is lightweight yet durable. It has a lower center frame to make it easier for kids to get their leg over the frame to start riding. Biky also has a steering limiter on their bikes. Often when kids are learning how to ride a bike they will turn the handles too far too fast and crash. Our kids all struggled with turning the handle bars too quickly or too far and would get out of control on their old bikes. Biky has solved this problem by adding a steering limiter. Their steering limiter is a small bungee attached to the handlebars to control the turn radius. Our almost three-year-old has done significantly better with the steering limiter.

I really like how the brake cable is integrated into the bike frame, which helps protect the cables from damage and exposure to the elements. This is such a great feature usually only seen on high-end adult bikes, and it can really extend the life of the bike and it helps to reduce maintenance needs.

The seat post features a quick-release clamp that allows for easy height adjustments without tools—ideal for growing children. The Biky 16″ also comes with a longer seat post that can be swapped in as your child grows. We put the longer seat post on the bike for our five year old and it fit her much better. Another feature that I really like about Biky is that the bike comes with a rear hand brake. Unlike our previous bike, which used coaster brakes, our kids found these hand brakes much easier and more intuitive than the pedal-back brakes. I was also impressed that the current line of bikes that are available now has received the NW Design Award.

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Biky Maintenence Needs

Another awesome feature is the fully enclosed chain guard, which prevents clothing or fingers from snagging on the chain, which is supposed to ensure safety during the ride. The chain guard is removable for maintenance, so you can lubricate and maintain the chain (though the chainguard is supposed ti minimize chain maintenance needs as well).

This is different from what you’ll see on most bikes, so you’ll likely need some instruction like we did. They have created a video to see exactly how to take off the chain guard and how to apply chain lubrication here. It is in another language but you can turn the English subtitles on to understand the video. The founders of Biky started in Europe under a different name and they have now begun to sell in the United States which is why the video isn’t in English. Biky has found that you will need to add lubricant less frequently because the chain guard keeps and protects the lubricant.

Biky Sizing

Designed for children aged 4-6, the 16″ bike offers a comfortable fit for kids within this age bracket, supporting them as they grow with its adjustable features. My newly turned five-year-old fit this bike well but I would also consider getting her the 20” for an even longer-lasting fit. The nice thing about this bike is that it does come with two seat posts so that kids of all heights between 4-6 can fit this bike. If you are looking for the 14″ Biky for smaller kids read our review here.

Biky Assembly

Ordering the Biky online is straightforward, with the bike arriving within a few days. Assembly was very easy. It comes with all the necessary tools and an extra seat post for when adjustments are needed as your child grows. I also appreciated that it came with front and rear reflectors for enhanced visibility and safety. It took us about twenty minutes to put the bike together.

Initial Impressions of the Biky 16” Bike

My favorite feature with this bike is how lightweight it is—only 11.9 pounds—making it significantly lighter than many comparable models. Finding a bike that is this light is almost unheard of. Comparable lightweight models weight at least two pounds more. When it comes to choosing a child’s bike, the most critical factor is the weight of the bike. It has the greatest impact on the riding experience and is well worth the investment. This lightness is key in making the bike manageable for young children, enabling them to handle, pedal, and steer with minimal effort. The reduced weight aids in easier starts stops, and maneuverability, enhancing both safety and enjoyment.

The center bar on the frame is low so that kids can get on and off the bike easily. I appreciate the ease with which kids can get on and off the 16″ bike, an essential feature for young riders. The low center bar and overall design cater specifically to the needs of kids. Our newly turned five-year-old effortlessly manages to mount and dismount the bike independently. This accessibility is particularly valuable for those just starting their cycling journey. It makes the 16″ bike an excellent choice for young kids learning to ride.

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Performance and Handling of the 16” Biky

The Biky 16″ seems to be a very high-quality bike. My favorite feature by far is how lightweight it is. The weight of a bike is such an important factor to consider when purchasing a children’s bike, it greatly influences ease of use and handling. A lighter bike helps children to maneuver more freely and confidently, helping them to learn how to ride a bike a lot faster. It also reduces the fatigue associated with heavier models, allowing kids to enjoy longer rides. My five-year-old can easily pick up the whole bike by herself and rides it for a lot longer than her old bike. She wasn’t able to lift up her previous bike very easily.

The tires are durable enough for various terrains. They work great on flat dirt paths and sidewalks, which is about all a 16” bike needs. The wheels and tires are also very light which makes it easier to steer and peddle. I also really like how easy it is for my kids to get on and off the bike with the lower center frame. My daughter’s only complaint about the bike was that the bike didn’t have a kick stand.

Biky Warranty

Biky backs its products with a five-year warranty on the frame and forks, with other components covered for one year. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure safety and longevity. Keeping a bike in good condition extends its lifespan, offering better long-term value and reducing the need for frequent replacements.  If you have questions you can check the handbook here for more information about how to keep the bike in good condition.

Overall Thoughts on the Biky 16″

The Biky 16″ bike is an outstanding choice for kids learning to ride. Its features—especially the lightweight frame and easy-to-use hand brakes—simplify the learning process and enhance safety for young riders. Throughout this review, the Biky 16″ has surpassed my expectations in every aspect, from durability to performance. For parents seeking a dependable, safe, and manageable bike, the Biky 16″ is an excellent investment, it is perfect for casual rides or cultivating a lifelong cycling passion. I highly recommend the Biky 16″ bike for any parent looking to get a long-lasting bike for their kids.

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