How to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro for CHEAP!

It’s the tallest mountain in Africa, the worlds largest free standing mountain, and a bucket list item for many people. ...
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A Fantastic Week with Avid 4 Adventure

The night before camp started, the energy in the air was like Christmas Eve.  The older kids had their day ...
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Rock Climbing Pregnant – Yes you can!!

Today I’m thrilled to have Erica aka CragMama here with us (a fellow Mountain Mama ambassador with me).  This gal ...
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Feeding A Child’s Climbing Passion

Explore effective ways to nurture and safely guide your child's passion for climbing. Learn about age-appropriate training, gear, and encouragement strategies.
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Best Hikes With Kids in Northern Colorado

Thanks for checking back in for Hiking Month.  Today we have Kate from Colocalders sharing with us our first Colorado ...
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