25 Gifts for Active Teens Who Love Adventure

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Do you have an active teenager who loves adventures? We think that teens are the most fun age EVER, and we have an absolute BLAST taking our teens and their friends on adventure trips. While we can’t constantly take our active teens on adventure trips, what we can do is get them a few things at home that will keep them active and keep their love of adventure going strong!

Well, we’ve got THE BEST gift ideas for active kids this year. No, not toys, or junk that they’ll break in a few days and throw away. These are active kids toys that will keep kids active all year round and that they can use year after year.

The best part of all these gifts for active kids is that they are all screen free and let your kids really relax and kick back to enjoy all the fun of childhood.

We geared this active kids gift guide for active and adventurous teens, though many of these adventure gifts are suitable for ages 9 and up. We’ve put together a list of our favorite gifts for active kids this year so that your active teen will love whatever gift you choose for them.

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1. Booster Electronic Skateboard + Discount Code

Looking for the best gift for adventurous teens, we went straight to the source with our own teens. They both said that this is the best gift teens will love the most.

Our active teens ride theirs around town with friends and ride their e-boards to school (they are really fast). Best of all, they love that riding an electronic skateboard for teens gives them more freedom and helps them feel more grown up (and mom and dad love the built in safety features). This is hands down the best adventurous teen gift!

2. Slackers Extreme Ninjaline Kit

The Slackers Ninjaline is one of our top gift ideas for teen boys and girls and is a great way to add some extreme fun just about anywhere you go with your active kids. The kit comes with several different obstacles that you can attach to the line as you challenge your teen to get across in record time. While this sounds easy, it’s harder than it looks and is a great challenge that older kids and teens will LOVE! This Christmas gift for teens is portable and easy to set up so it’s perfect to take on road trips, to parties, and when hanging out with friends.

3. Crossnet

This new game for teens is all the rage for teen get togethers and family parties. We recently tried it out with our active kids and had such a great time. It’s essentially a cross between four square and volleyball (though our family voted CrossNet better than either one), so it’s a perfect teen gift that’s also suitable for kids of all ages. We even found that since the net lowers, our younger kids can enjoy it at much as the older kids. I also love that Crossnet comes with its own carrying bag so it’s easy to transport and play with friends making it the perfect party game for teens.

4. Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board

Balance boards are all the rage with active teens these days, and Whirly Board takes the fun of balance boards to a whole new level. Whirly boards not only are fun to balance on, but they also spin, so you can do a whole variety of tricks on them as well. Check out this video to see how fun they can be and why we think they’re one of the best gift ideas for teens and an all around best gift for active kids:

5. Swurfer Surfboard Swing

Think of the Swurfer as a more grown up version of your typical swing that even your teens will love, and another great gift for active kids. These are best when mounted in a tree so that there’s more room to move around. Even though younger kids can enjoy them, they’re the perfect Christmas gift idea for teen girls and boys.

6. Prism Nexus Stunt Kite

This kite does not mess around and is tough enough to keep up with your active teen explorer. With 2 lines to control direction and tricks, the Prism Nexus is an incredibly impressive stunt kite that makes the perfect gift for active kids. It does take a few flights to get the hang of things, but once you do, everyone around is going to be in awe of your skills! Best gift for ages 12+ since it does require some good arm strength to control, making it a wonderful gift for teens that their younger siblings won’t steal.

7. Springfree Trampoline

If you’ve avoided trampolines because they’re not safe, this just might be the answer for you! Springfree trampolines have no springs and are incredibly bouncy, so you know it’s a great gift for active kids. We’ve had one for about 18 months, and whenever my kids are outside, it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone is on the Springfree Trampoline. This is the best trampoline for teens who are looking to perfect their tricks, and for their parents who don’t want to keep paying emergency room bills. It’s more expensive than a traditional trampoline, but with the increased safety features, we think that it’s worth the price for a teen trampoline and one of the best gifts for active kid of any age! Check out our full Springfree Trampoline Review.

7. Spikeball

Another lawn game for teens that’s really exciting and fun to play! Spikeball is one of our favorite games for active kids and can be played with younger kids, or at a faster pace with teens and adults. We’ve taken this to several picnics and parties through the years and it’s always a huge hit with the teen crowd. This is one of our favorite gifts for active kids.

8. Inflatable Bumper Balls

Inflatable bumper balls are a great way to really add some unique fun to your backyard or next party. These bumper balls for active kids are very reasonably priced an come in a pack of two, so that you always have one for someone else to join in the fun! Whether your teen needs to get out some aggression, or just wants to be silly with their friends, bumper balls are the perfect gift for active teens. This will be a favorite gift for active kids and is perfect for your next backyard even too!

9. Biking Gear

Thunder Mountain mountain bike trail

Have kids who love to get outside and have an adrenaline rush? Get them some gear for mountain biking. We are HUGE fans of mountain biking with kis and absolutely LOVE how great it is for kids confidence, fitness, and drive to push more. Check out our favorite gift recommendations for kids who love to bike!

10. Slackline

Slacklines are one of our families favorite things to play on. We take them on every single campout and road trip, and we’ve absolutely fallen in love with them. Most of the time, there’s one that’s set up in our backyard, so I know it’s a gift teens will use regularly. While even our toddler can play on the slackline with help, yet it’s still a good challenge for adults, so it really is great for the whole family, but an especially fun gift for teens who like to hang out with their friends and need something exciting to do.

11. Zipfy Luge Sled

If your teen is obsessed with going fast down the sledding hill, they’ll love the Zipfy Luge Sled. This is the perfect gift for teenage boys or girls who love the thrill of SPEED. Designed for maneuverability as well as speed, this is a great little mini sled.

12. GoPro Hero 11 Black

With video stabilization, both 4K AND 5K footage and crisp 20 MP pictures, the GoPro Hero 11 is the perfect gift for any teen. This version of the GoPro was just released in 2022 and it has so many features that you don’t need to worry about it being outdated any time soon. We take our GoPro on every trip and adventure with us, and especially love that footage can be downloaded directly to our phone and quickly edited in the GoPro Quik App for free! It’s a perfect gift for girls or boys who like to document their adventures and then share them with others. Whether your teen likes to make action videos or just wants to snap a few selfies with their friends on an adventure, you can’t go wrong gifting a GoPro to teens.

13. Stand Up Paddleboard

Spend much time in the water? Grab this great deal on a SUP setup for your teen. Stand up paddleboards (SUP) are great for lakes and calm rivers, and we love ours because it’s portable and doesn’t take much room to store! The perfect gift for teens who love water or are looking for a great way to spend the summers with friends.

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14.  Hammock Chair

If you’re looking to create a cool backyard or bedroom hangout, hammock chairs are this years must have accessory. Whether you get a couple so that all the teens on your gift list can hang out together or just get one for some relaxation, a hammock chair is the perfect gift for teens. Our daughter has told us that this is one of the top gifts for teen girls this year.

15. Portable Telescope

This telescope would be great for teens who love space, or just spending time outside. If you’re planning on spending time camping this year, a portable telescope would be the perfect addition to your camping fun and we think it’s a really good gift for teens!

16. Leatherman Multitool

Another must have for any kid! Every teen needs to know how to use a pocket knife, but a multi-tool can do SO MUCH MORE! Yes, this is even a wonderful gift for teenage girls. Make sure to read all about other pocket knives for kids that we love.

17.Motorola Two-Way Radios

So much more than just a walkie talkie, this is the perfect solution for teens who spend a lot of time in the backcountry without good cell reception. We’ve had our Motorola 2 way radios for over a decade and have never had a problem with them. Make sure that you get the rechargeable version, so you never have to worry about buying batteries for them! I love that these walkie talkies allow kids to connect with each other while still being the perfect screenfree gift for teens.

18. Flybar Pogo Stick

Yes, pogo sticks are BACK! Our tween daughter will easily spend an hour out on her pogo stick and it’s amazing to see how much it’s improved her balance and coordination. Oh, and her record is over 2,500 consecutive bounces, so it’s great for getting kids to set some pretty high goals for themselves as well. This will be a teen gift that’s used all year round.

19. Fuzion X-3 Pro Stunt Scooter

This scooter is great for older kids and teens who want to try their hand at some tricks or jumps, both at the skatepark and around the neighborhood. We think this is the perfect scooter for teens because it’s lightweight and durable with top of the line components at a value price.

20. KanJam

KanJam has been named the Best Outdoor Party Game of 2020, and it’s sure to be one of the hottest gifts of the year. Its an easily portable disc game that’s a great outdoor game for teens and tweens. Not only will your teen love this gift, but they’ll love sharing it with their friends as well!

21. Snowball Makers

Our kids use these EVERY TIME they play in the snow. No joke. If your kids ever wanted to be the champion of a teen snowball fights, this is the perfect gift for any teen who loves to be out in the snow. Even our toddler can make perfect snowballs with these and they are so cheap, that you’d be crazy not to buy them if you’re going to be around the snow this winter.

22. Black Diamond Headlamp

Last year we got all of our kids these new headlamps from Black Diamond. WE’ve been through countless headlamps over the last decade and these are the best so far. These headlamps are affordable, and the batteries last incredibly long – all year so far (except the one child who left theirs on inside a backpack for who knows how long…) These headlamps are so great that my teenage boy gifts them to his friends for birthdays. and they would make the perfect teenage stocking stuffer.

23. Eno Doublenest Hammock

Another one of our favorite gift ideas for teen girls and boys. I wish I could say that I spend my days relaxing in our hammock, but the truth is that our kids are too busy swinging and playing in it for me to ever get a chance to have it to myself! A must have for any backyard or adventure trip!

24. Metolius Rock Climbing Training Board

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for teens who love climbing, this will be the perfect addition to your home. The Metolius training board is designed to help strengthen grip, finger positioning, and create a fun way for kids to practice their climbing skills without needing an entire wall. We love mounting ours in a doorway, so that our little climbers can swing and play on it as well.

25. Adventure Books

If you’ve got an adventurous child, we’ve compiled the perfect reading list for them. Here are our Top 40 Adventures Books That Every Kid Should Read.

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