Top 10 Hikes for Kids in St. George, Utah

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Southern Utah is known for outdoor activities. It’s home to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and much much more. One of the best places to visit for Utah outdoor adventures is St George. I’ve got Tanner from Just Dads Winning, a St George local and outdoor loving dad, here to share with us the absolute best hikes with kids in St George.

Whether you’re looking for a St George hike with toddlers, or a St George hike with teens, we’ve got great recommendations for you. St George can get very high, especially during the summer months. A 110-degree day isn’t out of the ordinary. Remember to plan accordingly on your long days of hiking, including bringing water, sunscreen, shade tents, coolers, and any other equipment you see fit. Being prepared will allow you to win with your kids on your vacation!

Please note that some of these hikes are located in Snow Canyon State Park, which charges a $20 entrance fee per vehicle.

st george hikes with kids

Best St George Hike With Teens

Before you hit the trail with your teens, make sure that you’re prepared for the heat and intense sun by checking out our packing list for Southern Utah to help you be totally prepared!

Lava Tube Trail, Snow Canyon State Park

Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Distance: 2.3 miles out and back
Difficulty: Moderate

lava tubes snow canyon with kids

The name alone attracts kids of all ages, but is especially fun for teens. The hike isn’t long, but it has plenty of amazing places that teens will love to explore. The combination of the word lava with the huge caves kids can climb around will be sure to make this hike worth your time. Snow Canyon is full of gorgeous red rock mountains from every viewpoint. Parents will enjoy the scenery, kids will enjoy the experience. Make sure to bring flashlights or another form of lighting for the caves. They’re all open from the top and are easy to climb in and out of.

lava tubes snow canyon with kids

Sometimes the word ‘cave’ can be scary for parents, but rest assured that these ones are both safe and exciting. This isn’t the most popular hike in Snow Canyon, but there will be steady traffic throughout the day. If going in the summer, make sure to get up early, before the heat of the day turns the rocks back into lava! Okay, it may not turn to lava, but temperatures can approach 115 degrees in the summer months. Avoid doing this hike at night as it will be difficult to maneuver around the caves without the sunlight shining through the openings.

Best All Ages St George Hike
Chuckwalla Trail

Location: Red Cliffs National Conservation Area
Distance: 1.7 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

chuckwalla trail st george hike with kids

This is a popular hiking trail in the St. George area. Similar to the many hikes in Snow Canyon State Park, Chuckwalla provides hikers with unreal views of red rock mountains that will make one gasp in awe upon seeing them for the first time. One benefit to this hike is there is no fee for usage or parking! On top of hiking, this area is very popular for rock climbing. Kids will get a kick out of watching rock climbers scale mountains as they tackle this steady, and easy hike. For older kids, it may be worth renting some climbing equipment and giving rock climbing a try. It’s not as difficult or scary as it looks! This area has very little shade, so we recommend having kids take hydration packs so they don’t overheat!

Best St George Hike With Toddlers
Petrified Dunes Trail, Snow Canyon

Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Distance: 1.2 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

The Petrified Dunes are one of the best St George hikes for toddlers. They allow kids to take exploring to the next level. Climbing can just continue to take place here, without any danger or worry from the parents’ perspective. The beautiful color of the rocks, combined with the scenic backdrop make this hike ideal at any time of day, but especially in the evening around sunset. There isn’t a better place in all of Snow Canyon to end the night after a long day of hiking.

Best Short St George Hike
Jenny’s Canyon Trail

Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Distance: 0.3 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

jennys canyon hike st george with kids

This short St George hiking trail is really easy, but the scenery is incredible! It’s not even half of a mile and the ending is extremely fun for kids. It’s truly like entering a whole new world. Compared to your view of the hike from the main road, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find what’s waiting at the end. Kids will want to stay and play for hours, which is worth the hassle of a 15 minute hike. There are rocks to climb for toddlers, for young kids, and even for teenagers. Because of the time it takes to accomplish this hike, this is a must for all travelers to Snow Canyon State Park. However, this hike does have a scheduled closure that takes place from March 15-June 1. This is a great hike for the fall or late summer.

Pioneer Names Trail

Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Distance: 0.4 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

This easy St George hike is truly for all ages. My two-year-old daughter accomplished it all by herself. This trail does have two entrances and can be fairly busy because of how good it is for little kids. The reason for this hike’s popularity is the names of Mormon pioneers up on the hill as one finishes the hike. Some hikes have a rewarding waterfall, others have a beautiful sunset. This one has dead people’s names spread all over the rocks!

Your kids will find it fun to climb up the hill to see the names and it will interest the parents will love this St George historic site! Because this Snow Canyon hike is so easy and takes a short amount of time, this is one that everyone should hit when visiting Snow Canyon State Park. I recommend doing this hike with kids in the later evening, in order to see a little bit of the sunset. The red rock background is beautiful at that time of the day!

Santa Clara Petroglyphs via Anasazi Trail

Location: Santa Clara River Reserve
Distance: 2.9 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

Similar to the Pioneer Names Trail, this one has a rewarding and historical finish. Petroglyphs are neat no matter where they are found. Though this trail isn’t the most beautiful one out there, the ending makes it worth it. Kids will have fun climbing on rocks and guessing what each petroglyph might mean. I’ve heard guesses from a dog peeing on a rock to a dad playing with his son, and that was all from looking at the same petroglyph! This hike is a little bit longer than the rest, as it’s nearly 3 miles long. There is hardly any shade throughout the entirety so hiking in the morning before the extreme heat comes is an absolute must. This trail is off the main road a bit, but the parking lot is big and the trail isn’t always busy. There is no usage or parking fee for this one either!

Toe Trail

Location: Ivins
Distance: 2 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

The Toe Trail is a local favorite. In the mornings you’ll find elderly couples getting their morning exercise in. It’s a flat dirt trail that runs between the mountains and the city. It includes a great view on both sides. Kids love it because of the possibilities it brings. Desert tortoises have been known to roam around on this trail, and going off the beaten path a bit isn’t frowned upon like it is with some trails. This hike provides the perfect combination of a hike in the desert and a stroll around the neighborhood, and it isn’t well known among non-locals so it isn’t busy like some of the others on this list.

Johnson Canyon Trail

Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Distance: 1.7 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

There isn’t a better hike out there for the entire family. There is plenty of time to talk and enjoy the journey. I have seen turtles on this trail as well, which is always fun for kids. The end of the hike has an amazing shaded area with cool sand for kids to play in. Similar to Jenny’s Canyon, kids will want to stay and play all day. This is an ideal space for a family picnic after a fun hike. This trail also has a yearly closure that takes place from March 15-September 14 for turtle conservation.

St George Sand Dunes Trail

Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Distance: 0.5 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

I can’t think of a spot that is better for kids to play with each other. The Sand Dunes offers a large space for everyone to enjoy. Even when dealing with a packed house on a Saturday morning, there is more than enough room to go around. This is another great spot for a picnic, to throw the football around, or do any other activity that your child enjoys! It’s a popular picture-taking location, including family pictures, bridal pictures, or any other kind of pictures. This is my daughter’s very favorite place to play.

Hidden Pinyon

Location: Snow  Canyon State Park
Distance: 1 mile loop
Difficulty: Easy

If you prefer hikes that form a loop rather than an out and back hike, this is a great option for your family. Kids find it very easy, it doesn’t take too long, and it’s a popular hike. You can do this one at any time of day and kids will find exciting things to do throughout the journey. This is a fun hike to see the different desert plants Southern Utah has to offer. There is one decent steep area and a drop off that can be difficult for children, so keep that in mind when planning your full day of hiking!

Whatever type of adventure your family is looking for, you’ll surely find it hiking in St. George, Utah!

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