7 Best Bike Water Bottle Holders For Kids

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Water Bottle Holders for Kids Bikes

What is the best water bottle holder for kids bikes? As kids set off on their exciting new bikes they are rolling into age with more independence. Part of that independence is their ability to carry some of their own necessities, like their own water. Not only that, but it’s so important for kids to stay hydrated while they’re outside and doing physical activity So, we took the pains to review some of the best bicycle water bottle holder for kids bikes to make the buying decisions easy for you.

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best water bottle holders for kids bikes

Parents deal with the fact that most water bottle holders are made for adult bikes, These are much larger to carry and much bigger water bottles than you can fit onto a child’s bike. And even though there are some great kids’ bike water bottle holders, they are few and far between. It’s hard to find these holders readily at your local shop. 

You can use this guide to help you find the perfect bike bottle holder so that your child can have the exciting independence of carrying their own gear; and so you can make sure your kids stay hydrated while they’re out there having a blast! Bike water bottle holders can often be unique and colorful, which serves as an awesome kids biking themed gift!

kid wearing a kids bike helmet standing beside his mountain bike

Here are the Best Water Bottle Holders for Kids Bikes

Water Bottle HolderBrandMSRP($)Special Feature
1. Glug Stainless Steel bottle holderWOOM19Side loading ability for easy access
2. Blip water bottle feed bagPo Campo19.99Fabric design that can carry both bottle and snacks
3. Water bottle cageUSHAKE13.99Lightweight, sturdy & guaranteed to last for years
4. Bicycle water bottle cage holder rack for stroller MTB bikeRUNACC7.99Handlebar-mount holder for any bike with or without a water bottle cage
5. 2-in-1 Bike bottle holderCAIWEICW7.992-in-1 provides multiple attachments that allow you to mount on the bike frame, handlebar, or seat post
6. Adjustable MTB water bottle holderACTIVE ADVENTURE12.99Mount anywhere with the 90-degree rotation versatility
7. Aluminum water bottle cagePLANET BIKE5.00Screws into the bike frame for a long-lasting function.

GLUG Stainless Steel Bottle



If you’ve done some research on kids’ bikes before, you’ll recognize the brand WOOM. This company makes some of the top kids bikes on the market. Their water bicycle water bottle holder for kids bikes are no different! The water bottle is perfectly designed to fit snuggly on your child’s small bike frame.

The holder comes with its own custom fit, stainless steel bottle. A highly durable and premium toxin-free vessel. The unique feature of this holder is the side-loading capabilities. The holder is designed to allow the bottle to snap in and out from the side, rather than having to carefully slide it in through the top. This makes it easy to access on the go — even for distracted kids!

MSRP: $19.00

Special Features

  • Side-loading capabilities for easy access
  • Stainless steel premium bottle
  • Fits perfectly onto WOOM and other kids bikes

Blip Water Bottle Feed Bag

By Po Campo

This is ideal for kids who need snacks and drinks while they’re on the go! Po Campo has designed a unique pouch that fastens securely onto the handlebars of a child’s bike. Their design works as well as a water bottle holder for top bars because of its fabric structure that can carry both a water bottle and snacks. The drawback to this water bottle holder for kids bikes is that kids need to use two hands to access their bottles and snacks. But that’s a minor point.

Overall, it’s highly durable and resistant to breaking since it’s a soft cloth bag. Even when the bike takes a tumble or gets dropped to its side, the bottle holder will stay in good shape. The fabric itself comes into funky color schemes and is weatherproof to last your children years to come. You can even use this bottle holder on scooters, or strap it onto any handlebar. There’s so much versatility in this handlebar-mount bike water bottle holder!

MSRP: $19.99

Special Features

  • Fabric design can carry both a bottle and snacks
  • Durable, lightweight, and versatile water bottle cages for small bikes
  • Easy access when your kids need it but does require two hands for accessing

Water Bottle Cages


Top 7 Best Bike Water Bottle Holder for Kids Bikes

This is your best budget-friendly water bottle holder for kids bikes. It’s designed with the kid’s rough and tumble in mind! They’re incredibly sturdy because they will actually screw into the side of your kid’s bike. The only drawback? Your kid’s bike needs to have the screw holes available.

So, these kid’s bike water bottle cages won’t work for all bikes, not automatically at least. You can possibly customize your child’s bike by drilling holes into the side of the bike and adding threads to fasten the screws if you’re handy with some tools. When bottle holders are mounted you will have no issues. However, They are designed to be bolted into place and be used for many years without any damage. It’s inexpensive, requires a bit of initial work, but will be worth it in the long run.

MSRP: $13.99

Special Features

  • Lightweight and sturdy guaranteed to last for years
  • Easy access to bottles
  • Will screw into the side of the bike frame, which can be a bonus or drawback, depending on the style of your child’s bike

Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Holder Rack for Stroller MTB Bike


Another super budget-friendly yet long-lasting water bottle holder for kids bikes. The bottle is mounted onto any bike, with or without bike water bottle cages. There is versatility in where you choose to mount this holder, too. The very special feature that you will get is a 360-degree rotation ability due to the ball socket joint that connects the mount. You’ll get a perfect fit for easy access on any bike your child ride. This is especially handy if your child is using a convertible balance bike. When it’s time to adjust the bike settings, you can also easily adjust the bottle mount. This holder is tough and made to last, so you’ll definitely have it for the many years of bike riding your kids will be enjoying!

MSRP: $7.99

Special Features

  • Handlebar-mount bike water bottle holder for any bike — with or without a bottle cage
  • Connects through a ball joint that offers 360 rotation options to perfectly adjust your holder
  • Durable design, made to last
  • Budget-friendly and versatile

2-in-1 Bike Bottle Holder


Best Water Bottle Holder for Kids Bikes

The perfect combination for versatility: mount this bottle holder on the bike frame, or mount it onto the handlebar or seat post. It has a universal rotating design that will let you get a snug fit wherever you decided to place it. The easy-to-install and use bottle is made from a lightweight, yet durable aluminum alloy. It comes in a beautiful bright red, which will definitely make any kid’s bike a little cooler on the street! The bottle is reliable and will firmly hold your child’s water. Even when they’re off-roading and cruising on their bikes. Your kids will really enjoy carrying their own bottles with this inexpensive holder!

MSRP: $7.99

Special Features

  • 2-in-1 provides multiple attachments that allow you to mount on the bike frame, or on the handlebar or seat post
  • A universally rotating joint connect the holder and mount so you can get the perfect fit for easy access
  • Firmly and reliably holds water bottles
  • Inexpensive

Adjustable MTB, Water Bottle Holder

By Active Adventure

Water Bottle Holder for Kids Bikes

A highly praised mount that will let you attach any holder with a hole. This mount is boasting its attach-anywhere versatility. You can even attach this to scooters, strollers, toddler handle bikes, e-bikes, or your child’s big kid bike as they grow into larger models. The mount is made from a thick all-terrain proofed metal and 10 flashy colors. There is a convenient 90-degree rotation available to help you fit this holder wherever you need it. And on top of it all, it’s incredibly durable so any tumbles or drops won’t cause an issue. You’ll be keeping and reusing this holder for many years to come. 

MSRP: $12.99

Special Features

  • Mount-anywhere with the 90-degree rotation versatility
  • The thick all-terrain design will let your kids go on their most exciting adventures
  • 10 stunning color choices to suit every child
  • You can attach any bottle holder with a hole for ultimate versatility 

Aluminum Water Bottle Cage

By Planet Bike

Best Water Bottle Holder for Kids Bikes

Simple designs are often the most effective. These kids’ bike water bottle cages does just that! The holder will mount to your child’s bike via screws and securely hold their water bottle using the shaped prongs. It’s a sleek water bottle holder that will certainly do the job! It’s also the least expensive on the list, so a great budget option when you want a no-fuss solution.

The design will allow your kids to carry standard water bottle sizes without trouble. It’s also very easy to access the bottle since the design is minimal. It’s a simple solution, but sometimes that’s all you need! So long as your kids are keeping hydrated, that is all that matters!

MSRP: $5.00

Special Features

  • Screws into the bike frame for long-lasting function
  • 5 beautiful color options
  • A no-fuss holder that will get the job done
  • Easy access to bottle
  • Holds standard bottle sizes
the best water bottle holder for kids bikes
7 best water bottle holders for kids bikes

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